Customer Expectations

Here we go! You are about to get that project done!

For those that like a lot of communication I have written down what I thought would help the most. (This orientation applies mostly to those getting their cage painted)

Will you always be called if there is a delay in your project? No. If weather or obtaining material is a problem we are busy getting the material or waiting for weather. 

Do we work on multiple jobs at the same time? Once we start your job, it is our priority. However, if we can not work on your job we will work on our next job until we can come back to yours. We want to be on your project for as little time as possible. Normally, this is 4 to 5 business days.

Will things get in your pool? Yes. The screens have to be open to do your job. Most people schedule a pool cleaning after we are done. The pool can not be covered during all phases of the job.

Can I get a hold of you? We are often working in the field, but we do check our messages each morning.


When will be coming and going? We begin by preparing the cage. Screw change out, power wash, taking screen off cage. Then we paint. The paint must cure which takes 1 to 3 days. Then we screen. Weather affects our schedule. If we start prep on a cage and we think there could be a delay between prep and paint we may leave all or part of the screens on until the last minute.


Failure to pay when job is complete voids our warranty.

WE DON’T WANT THAT! If you are not able to be there at completion of job we suggest having a check in a pre stamped/addressed envelope ready to put in the mail.

It is normal to have small touch up or punch out issues that could not be done for want of weather or materials. If this is the case, payment is still due but we may agree to hold up to 200.00 from payment if we think this is merited.


Please make sure that Osprey Pro Screen is registered for access for the duration of the job. The estimate is based on having no time delays to access job. Time delays not caused by us will be billed to the job. If you do not have weekend access or access on Holidays other than Xmas, New Years, Easter, July 4 or Thanksgiving please let us know.


At the end of job you will be given a sign off sheet. If there is anything not complete, it will be listed here as the only remaining work left to do.


Mark Shannahan (Owner)