Pool Cage Painting & Restoration

Deciding to restore your pool cage is a smart move considering you save a lot of money and help protect the environment at the same time. During the process of restoration, there are a few things you should expect from a reputable company pool cage screening company.

Osprey Pro Screen is a pool cage specialist. That means we use the best materials and have mastered the techniques needed to give you the best and longest restoration of your cage and screen. We offer a revolutionary new paint called Emerald Urethane. It looks better and has a longer warranty. We also use a unique separate primer coat called Micro Tite chalk binder which seals in oxidation and gives a much better surface to paint on.

The best thing is that we offer better service, materials, and warranty at similar prices of our competition.

Step one is preparing the cage with power blasting. This is different than a regular power washing because our focus is surface preparation to remove oxidation, chalking and any paint that is no longer bonded.

In the next step, we address the screws. A  rusted screw painted will still be a rusted screw and it will come through the paint eventually. More importantly, it is what holds your cage together. Left untouched eventually your cage would fall down. The good news is you will never have to worry about screws again. We use Ultra Stainless 304 marine grade stainless steel screws that are powder-coated to prevent any reaction between aluminum and stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is a non-magnetic alloy that’s guaranteed to not rust. Older 410 stainless is magnetic and rusts in just six months. Ultra Stainless Steel is a state-of-the-art lifetime guaranteed rust-free product.

Next, comes the covering and taping off of the pool area. Great care is taken to cover and tape off everything so that paint only goes where we want it. The pool is tarped, the sides of the house are covered in plastic, and plants are covered with canvas. We then address any trouble areas of the cage. This can include sanding, scrubbing, scraping and replacement of new metal where needed. 

Finally, we are now ready to paint. But not just any paint can be used. In the old days, people used oil or water-based paint but now thanks to modern technology we have a hybrid type paint the is designed to be applied directly to metal. This specialty paint lasts three times as longer than paints in the past. We also use a powerful sprayer that mists the paint giving it a better bond. Once two coats of paint have been applied, the aluminum cage is checked over for any needed touch-ups. It is then left to dry for one to two days before the screening begins. 

Once the paint is cured, the screening begins, but not with just any screen or spline. The quality of the screen and the type of spline is very important. That is why Osprey Pro Screen is a Certified Adfors Contractor. Our screen is one of the few brands that have a long term track record of lasting 12 to 14 years. It also has the least number of defects than any brand on the market and there is also one more very important thing our screen does not have — Ortho-Phthalates. These are cancer-causing chemicals that leach into your pool from the screen and have been banned in five states already. While it is true that it takes us a little longer to install I think you agree the benefit is well worth it. 

Now you’re ready to enjoy your like-new living area and be the envy of the neighborhood. And after the job is done we will still be there for you. We provide small screen repair for storm damages and specialty screens if your needs change. Osprey Pro Screen builds relationships that last we hope you enjoy your experience enough to refer us to your friends and family.