Our Pool Cage Restoration Process


Most frequent questions and answers

The average life span of screens is 10-14 years. When deciding to replace some or all of your screens we can evaluate the screens to see if it makes more sense to all or just a few. We will also check the cable ties, screws and wind mitigation of the screens to help you better prepare for storms.

The time to consider a new pool cage is if you are not happy with the configuration or if the current one does not merit restoration. After inspection we will tell you if we do not think the cage should be restored.

If you do need a new emclosure we can construct one to your specifications. 

  • It makes economical sense. Restoring a pool cage is about 1/3 the cost of building a new one. Seasoned real estate agents know that the ROI on restoring a pool cage is much higher than building a new one.
  • With new paint technology it lasts almost as long.
  • You do not have to go through the county for permitting, engineering, wind mitigation, and plans.
  • You do not have to have county inspectors wandering around your home finding other things that may be against code.
  • You do not have to wait 5-6 months, we complete most restoration jobs within 3-4 weeks.
  • The screws we use to replace the old rusted ones are 304 marine grade stainless steel and will never rust.
  • You are helping the environment by not wasting the energy put into building a new one.
Aluminum is a very durable metal that has a very long life span. A pool cage that has been professionally painted using the right preparation and paint can last almost as long as the paint job on a new cage.
That did not used to be the case. In the past there was only oil or water based paints. Paints have come along way. The aluminum speciality paint we now use can last almost as long as an original paint job. They are hybrid paints that are specifically created for outdoor aluminum surfaces. We can help you evlauate the ROI or cost benefit analysis of painting versus building a new cage.
When painting a pool cage or lanai you want a specialist.
You want a company that has a long term track record of doing the job right. 
From the way we prepare the metal, to the speciality paint we use, to how it is applied we offer the best looking and longest lasting job.
There are many tricks of the trade used to get the job done right. From years of trial and error we have perfected our technique and the specialized materials and equipment we use.

About a week. We will be at your location 4-5 different times. Each visit has its own purpose.

Osprey Pro Screen. (I am a little biased)
Why? Because you can trust us to do the job right and be professional from start to finish. There is a reason why we have so many positive reviews online. That reason is because we take pride in what we do and we do it well.

  1. We power wash the cage in a way that gives us the best surface to paint. This must be done within a week of painting and done with more pressure than normal power washers use.
  2. We change out the screws to 304 marine grade stainless and using one size larger screws than the previous size. Note: There will always be 10-15 screws that will not be replaced. This is normal and will not effect the structure. (The average cage has about 800 screws in it) The screws not replaced will be brushed, primed and painted.
  3. We sand and wire brush the areas that are need it. You do not want to sand anymore than needed because the original base is still the best for painting.
  4. The taping off begins. Using tape, paper, plastic and tarps; everything is covered that needs too be covered before painting.
  5. The cage will then receive a coat of sealer that will give the best base to paint. We use Loxon sealer.
  6. The paint is applied using a Titan 440 sprayer. This is powerful enough to break the paint down into a mist which is what you want when painting aluminum.
  7. Now the cage is allowed to dry. This takes 2-3 days normally.
  8.  After the cage has cured the last step of screening begins! Once this is done and the clean up is complete you will be ready to enjoy your LIKE NEW POOL CAGE.

Standard screen is called 18/14 screen and lasts on average 10-14 years.
◾ Florida glass
◾ Solar screen
◾ 20/20 screen
◾ Super screen
◾ Pet screen

Each has its own uses, pros and cons. When we talk with you we know what questions to ask to advise which screen is best for you.

Yes. ADFORS and PHIFER are currently the only two brands used by professionals. Why? The other brands do not last as long. We reccomend ADFORS. We could tell you the whole story but the bottom line is ADFORS used to be a lesser quality than PHIFER but the company built a new factory using materials and technology surpassing PHIFER. Now they not only last as long but they do not use cancer causing chemicals that PHIFER does.

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