Zippered Pool Cage Screens

Introducing the “Zipper Screen” to address gutter cleaning problems. Made with heavy duty boat canvas zippers, the “Zipper Screen” allows easy access to clean out gutters and prevents tile damage from walking on the roof

Clogged gutters often lead to damage to your home from water or damp leaves rotting any wood surface touched, the most common being the facia where your pool cage is attached.

Price for 60×17 inch $290.00 each (Installed)

If we are doing an estimate for your pool cage restoration, please ask us to show you a sample. 

If you only need a zipper screen installation we are not able to give out samples or do estimates for jobs that small, but you can order one to be installed and if you do not like it you can cancel the order at that time.

Why did I take the time to add this option?

Because I see many customers buying a way over priced gutter guard system called “Leaf Guard” and I do not like to see my customers get taken advantage of.

Why is this better than other systems that cover your gutter?

No matter what you put over your gutter eventually it will need to be cleaned out. With this other system installed you now have to find someone that will re-install it for you after you have removed it to clean out the gutter. (I suspect the installer will not do this)
Where will the leaves and debris go? They will sit on top of the gutter guard and accumulate. Trees, grass, mold, etc. will then grow in this debris. So now the tops of the gutter must be cleaned. So you are still going to need to find someone that will come clean the debris above the gutter guard rather than on top of it. 

How will they access it? They will walk on top of your roof which opens up the possibility of roof damage.  

Our “Zipper Screen” is less expensive and more practical.

$290.00 for each “Zipper Screen” including installation. Minimum of 2 required. For most homes 2 is enough. Very large homes may require more or you may add more for personal preference.